Summit Schedule Overview

Summit Schedule Overview 2016-07-20T12:34:48+00:00
Please note–activities in italics in the below schedule are considered optional.

Monday 9/26:

Pre-Summit Institute participants arrive * These are closed institutes with limited space, and pre-registration required. See institute page for details. Dinner will be available for Institute participants Monday evening

Tuesday 9/27:

Summit participants arrive 8:30am-3pm Youth, Regional Organizing and Trans Institutes. 12pm Summit registration opens 6pm-9pm Summit opening session (dinner provided)

Wednesday 9/28:

7-8am Movement/Yoga/Meditation 7:30-8am Breakfast 8-10am Plenary 1 10:15-11:45am Workshop block 1 12-2pm Plenary 2 (lunch provided) 2:15-3:45pm Workshop block 2 4-5:30pm Affinity sessions/open space 5:30-6:30pm Friends of Bill W 6:30-8:30pm Plenary 3 (dinner provided)

Thursday 9/29:

7-8am Movement/Yoga/Meditation 7:30-8am Breakfast 8-10am Plenary 4 10:15-11:45am Workshop block 3 12-2pm Plenary 5 (lunch provided) 2:15-3:45pm Workshop block 4 4-5:30pm Affinity sessions and open space 5:30-6:30pm Friends of Bill W 6:00-7:00pm dinner 7pm fun activities

Friday 9/30:

7-8am Movement/Yoga/Meditation 7:30-8am Breakfast 8-10am Workshop block 5 10:15-11:45pm Plenary 6 12-2pm Closing session (lunch provided) Positive Living Conference begins Friday evening. Separate registration is required. Shuttles for Summit attendees will begin running to airport Friday afternoon. There will be 5 workshop tracks at the Summit: 1) Rights, Power and Justice, 2) Building Leadership Skills, 3) Policy and Advocacy, 4) Media & Strategic Communications and 5) Advancing the HIV Research, Care, and Prevention Agenda.

Descriptions for session tracks:

1. Policy & Advocacy: Sessions in the Policy and Advocacy track will examine or discuss timely policy and/or advocacy trends relevant to women with HIV and provide participants with tools to take action at the local, state and/or federal level. 2. Effective Leadership Skills: Sessions in the Leadership Skills track will focus on developing specific skills that support leadership by women with HIV, including self-care for leaders. 3. Rights, Power & Justice: Sessions in the Rights, Power & Justice track will focus on building critical consciousness and/or ability to use a human rights/social justice framework in advocacy. We are especially interested in sessions that intentionally hold a power, race, gender and/or class analysis and which advance our collective ability to be accountable and strategic as a movement-building organization. Sessions in this track may focus on particular rights and justice issues that disproportionately impact communities most affected by HIV. 4. Media & Strategic Communications: Sessions in the Media and Strategic Communications track will focus on building media and communications capacity of participants to advocate, organize and/or mobilize on policy issues through effective print, online and/or broadcast media, and/or social media strategies. 5. Advancing HIV Research, Care, and Prevention Agenda: Sessions in the Advancing HIV Research, Care, and Prevention Agenda track will focus on building our ability to advocate for innovative and timely research and service delivery that works for our communities. Stay tuned–additional details coming soon! pwn_banner_group_gorgeous