Action Alert!

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Week of January 30, 2017:

Get FACTS, Not #AlternativeFacts Call Your Senators to Protect Reproductive Rights Show Solidarity with Immigrants and Muslims Call Your Senators to Oppose Sessions and Price Sign the #HIVResists Pledge

laptop-news-01TAKE ACTION: Get FACTS, Not #AlternativeFacts

ISSUE: The Internet and social media are literally flooded with fake news, some of which influenced the election. Even more disturbing, the new president and his team are lying relentlessly, with his senior adviser and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway  defending the lies as “alternative facts.” In a time when it can be difficult to separate fact from falsehood, it is more important than ever to verify the credibility of a news source before believing or sharing a story. GET THE FACTS:  TAKE ACTION! Share this information widely with your friends, family and social media network. Do not share sensational “news” stories until you have verified they are credible–and share from the credible news sources rather than “clickbait” sites. Contact reporters (many include an email address with their byline) or news site editors (you can find a “contact us” link at the very bottom of credible news sites) and demand that they call lies what they are–lies.

cell-phone-call-my-senator-01TAKE ACTION: Call Your Senator and Tell Them to Protect Reproductive Rights

ISSUE: HR7, a bill that would further restrict women’s access to abortions by codifying into law the Hyde Amendment (prohibiting federal funding of abortion) and making it much more difficult for private insurance to cover abortion, was passed by the House of Representatives last week. While we do not know when the Senate will vote on a companion bill, it is likely to happen soon–so it’s urgent to call your Senators now and ask that they oppose it. GET THE FACTS:  TAKE ACTION! Call your Senators and tell them to vote no on the HR 7 companion bill! Sample script: Hi, my name is ____ and I live in zip code ____, and I am calling to ask Senator ____ to please oppose the HR 7 companion bill that would restrict access to abortion, especially for low-income women. The right to choose is a constitutional right, and I expect Senator ____ to uphold that right.

hiv-resists-logo-nobannowall-v4TAKE ACTION: Show Solidarity with Immigrants and Muslims

ISSUE: The president signed executive orders last week that threaten to cut off federal funding for sanctuary cities, that order construction of a wall along the border of Mexico, and that prohibit entry into the U.S. of people from 7 predominantly Muslim countries. These executive orders, in addition to being discriminatory and divisive, are being challenged by the ACLU and others as unconstitutional. Even lawful permanent residents (green card holders) from the 7 countries in question have been detained upon reentry into the U.S. over the weekend. GET THE FACTS: TAKE ACTION! Sign this petition to your mayor in support of sanctuary city status. Participate in one of the many protests happening at airports around the country–see if there is one near you here. Download and share the meme next to this action item by right-clicking on it and/or change your profile picture on social media to it to show your support; use the hashtags #NoBanNoWall, #HereToStay and #HIVResists.

cell-phone-call-my-senator-01TAKE ACTION: Call Your Senators and Tell Them to Vote No on Confirming Sen. Sessions and Rep. Price 

ISSUE: Confirmation votes are expected in the Senate on Tuesday on Sen. Jefferson Sessions (R-AL) for Attorney General and Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) for Secretary of Health and Human Services.  These nominations spell trouble for people living with HIV, low-income people and communities of color.   GET THE FACTS:  TAKE ACTION! Call your Senators today and ask them to demand 30 hours of debate on the cabinet nominees, so that the public can learn more about them; and tell them to vote NO on confirming Sen. Sessions as Attorney General and Rep. Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

hiv-resists-logo-nobannowall-v4TAKE ACTION: Sign the #HIVResists Pledge to Take Action in Your Community to Oppose Attacks on Human and Civil Rights

ISSUE: The new president has already started making good on his immoral (and in many cases unconstitutional) campaign promises of discriminating against Muslims, immigrants, the Latinx, Black and LGBT communities and others; stripping health care from millions of working and lower-income Americans; rolling back reproductive rights; and attacking the First Amendment protections of free press, free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. GET THE FACTS: Read a complete list of the executive orders Trump has taken so far. TAKE ACTION! 
  • Sign the PWN-USA #HIVResists Pledge to resist these abridgments of human and civil rights and attacks on vulnerable communities. We will be working to connect you with actions and events online and in your area in the coming weeks and months. Please share with your friends and network. Allies are welcome!
  • Check out #ResistTrumpTuesdays and see if there is an action on the ground in your area this Tuesday! So far there are about 70 in-person actions planned across the country to protest Trump’s cabinet picks and to support sanctuary city status.
  • MoveOn is holding organizing calls every Sunday night at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST for Trump’s first 100 days to give updates, discuss strategy, and provide resources and training. Get on their email and/or phone list to join the calls!