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American FlagJune 26, 2017 by Shyronn Jones, PWN-USA Policy Fellow America, Land of Opportunity for the Rich Risk of Opportunistic Infections for the poor, living with HIV Where those who inherited favorable circumstances, OVERindulge in societal privileges and material possessions. At the cost of stripping the most valuable thing in life from vulnerable people: good health One of the richest countries, With the biggest wealth inequality Pledged allegiance to value the liberty and justice for all Bait and Switch Scheme is the Real American Dream Theme You vowed to be a safe home for huddled masses yearning to breathe free You received skilled workers, Who built your economic wealth to be what it became to be Agreements between parties, have not been reached You have breached agreements, Therefore you will be impeached Your 99 percent are vital elements, to your society Enough is enough. We are demanding racial equality. Women possess mighty, mighty power We make the world go round If you don’t protect and invest in our health Your United States will come crashing down The once retired and the ones silent, now forced to amplify their voices. Until the rights that justifiably belong to everyone, are enforced all over the nation CIVIL UNREST, WE RESIST! All forms of violence against your residents We are a network under God, Indivisible Our means of living are worlds apart, Civil war between your citizens is now a part of your art.