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Did you know? 44 US states or territories have HIV-specific criminal statutes, or have brought HIV-related charges, criminalizing HIV exposure and/or transmission through consensual sex, needle sharing, or through spitting and biting–despite the fact that spitting and biting have not been shown to pose a significant risk of transmitting HIV. HINAC countdown memes 44 statesPWN-USA is proud to be a co-organizer, with SERO Project, of HIV Is Not a Crime II National Training Academy, May 17-20, 2016, in Huntsville, Alabama. PWN-USA Tools and Resources: PWN-USA Opinion Pieces: Other Resources: Californians for HIV Criminalization Reform, of which PWN-USA is a member, gathered in the summer of 2015 in three different parts of the state for community forums on HIV disclosure and transmission laws, to educate the wider community about HIV criminalization laws, how HIV criminalization laws impact Californians, and how to get involved in changing them. Read More crim_comm_forums_ALL