A Purpose for Everything

A Purpose for Everything 2017-11-17T15:54:41+00:00
March 30, 2016

by Princess

To everything in Life, there is a purpose. We may not understand. From the time we were born, to overcome our sickness, no matter what the “Virus” may be –HIV/AIDS or another virus in our body. We will get up, not let it break us, nor let it get us down. We will build one another up and stand together, and not be silenced, but speak up to let others know we are not alone, with our heart at peace, knowing together, “We can over come our sickness, no matter what race or faith we may be.” We come as one, not completely understanding our purpose– “WHY!” –as we stand up and speak out to others, let them know that HIV/AIDS is’t going away, that we need to change the systems” with those who have been affected with the “virus” and to better them and ourselves. Amen