Happy Birthday, PWN-USA!-A Voice for the Voiceless

Happy Birthday, PWN-USA!-A Voice for the Voiceless 2017-11-17T19:13:29+00:00
image1June 15, 2016

by Alicia LuvLee Diggs

PWN-USA for me means family, unity, respect, acceptance and support. As a result of being a member of PWN-USA, my life as a woman living with HIV has honestly helped me to feel more involved and less isolated. In the community where I reside, there are not many women, if any at all, who feel comfortable sharing their status or educating publicly as I do; so most of the time, I feel as if I live in a bubble by myself–which is not the case. I am not saying that you have to take a bullhorn and announce to the universe that you are living with HIV. You actually do not have to tell anyone if you do not desire to. But I feel it is our responsibility to give back to our communities.

There are ways to educate and support the cause without revealing your status. So many of us are living longer and healthier lives because of the advancements of medications and healthcare professionals taking the time to make sure that WE MATTER through the care that is provided in many communities. PWN allows me to be connected with women who help you feel that you do belong. They help you feel empowered and encouraged to continue to take a stand in educating communities as a result of the wonderful work my PWN sisters are doing. I envision the future of PWN-USA expanding to PWN-Worldwide because PWN provides a platform for women living with HIV to have a voice not just for themselves, but for everyone within their communities.

The role that I play in the future of PWN is to continue to support, love, unify, and educate on how living with HIV is not a death sentence. HIV has no gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race, or demographic location. We all desire love, acceptance and respect, and we deserve to have those things; therefore, we will continue to take a stand for what we believe in! I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless within my community, within my state and around the world!