Little Girl Grows Up

Little Girl Grows Up 2016-08-19T10:57:56+00:00
Teresa SullivanAugust 18, 2016 by Teresa Sullivan, PWN-USA Board Member, PWN-USA Philadelphia Senior Member This was originally posted on Nyeme’s Blog and is reposted with permission. Just like everyone else, my life has its ups and its downs, from childhood trauma to rebellious teenager to responsible adulthood. I recall when I was a teenager I had such hopes in the world that one day I would be part of a movement that seeks out social justice for all. I found it in Positive Women’s Network-USA, a movement of HIV-positive women–a social justice advocacy group led by and for women living with HIV. I hold on to the belief that everything happens for reason in one’s life, and if I was never diagnosed with HIV, would I have found a social movement that would change my perspective on the meaning of the phrase, “If you do not stand for something then you will fall for anything”? The work I do is personal to me as HIV advocate and feminist activist. That’s why I wake each day knowing that I have a place in the world and people who need me to fight for their human rights–even when they don’t know my name. This little girl has come a long way from being that rebellious teenager, and she no longer allows the pain of past trauma to shape her future. Finally, I said to those that are still dreaming of fighting for human rights–wake up!! the time is now to find your place in the world of social justice for all. Believe in yourself and step out on faith.