Red Pocketbook Brunch in Atlanta

Red Pocketbook Brunch in Atlanta 2016-06-03T17:39:29+00:00

Shyronn Jones (center) with two of the founders Andrea Jefferson-Saboor NP (left) and Zan Tims Cook, MD (right)

June 3, 2016 by Shyronn Jones, Strategic Communications Action Team Representative, PWN-USA Georgia On May 15, 2016, the PWN-USA-GA Strategic Communications Action Team (SCAT) Representative attended Heather Ivy Society 1ST RED POCKETBOOK Brunch with outreach materials and a Red Pocketbook in hand. Heather Ivy celebrates women living with HIV/AIDS by providing an opportunity to network with other positive women in a safe space to support, encourage, and empower sisterhood and community. The Heather Ivy Society is founded as a support group, information resource and activism network for women whose lives are influenced by HIV. If you are in the Atlanta area, the Red Pocketbook Brunch is a MUST ATTEND event–you don’t want to MISS the next one! For More Information Contact: 20160515_161843 FB_IMG_1462834072783