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Dear community – We’re thankful for you.  Over the past seven years, you have helped sustain our work to ensure a gender lens on the domestic HIV epidemic. Your support has helped us train hundreds of women living with HIV as advocates, move the research agenda and policy discourse on the importance of trauma-informed care to improve health outcomes, and ensure the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) is more responsive to women. With a heated election cycle, fights to maintain HIV funding, and an ongoing war on women’s health care, 2016 will be critical in shaping the future of the domestic HIV response.  
 PWN-USA has a vision – a world where all people living with HIV can live long, healthy, dignified, and productive lives, free from stigma and discrimination. Despite tremendous advances in science and treatment, less than half of women with HIV nationally are in regular health care, the majority are women of color, and most are living in poverty. The HIV epidemic in the US is an epidemic of racial and economic disparities. Our vision embraces the full spectrum of human rights for all people with HIV – including economic justice, employment rights, reproductive justice and an end to criminalization of people living with and vulnerable to HIV.
Help us advocate for comprehensive, higher-quality health care, human rights and dignity for the 300,000 women living with HIV in the US by making a donation to #SupportPWN today! PWN-USA Board Member Loren‘s story shows the impact of the work we do. Your gift will help us keep training and developing leaders like Loren to take action across the US, educating decision-makers about HIV, separating fact from fiction, science from stigma, and bringing a face to the epidemic while proposing concrete solutions. When we started this work, there were few women living with HIV in visible leadership in the epidemic, and even fewer women of color and transgender women. Help us keep expanding the circle of visible, powerful leaders from communities most impacted by HIV by investing to #SupportPWN today. As always, we are deeply thankful for your continued support. In sisterhood, solidarity and gratitude, Naina Khanna Executive Director, Positive Women’s Network – USA