Communications Training Series

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These trainings will cover all the basic communications skills all effective advocates need: developing messaging that best utilizes your personal narrative and appeals to your audience’s values; social media for advocacy; and mainstream media. All regional chapter Strategic Communications Action Team (SCAT) reps, as well as anyone interested in becoming an official member spokesperson for PWN-USA, should plan to participate in these trainings. Each communications training will be co-presented by PWN-USA members. Are you interested in being a presenter on one of the last 3, or know someone who would be good for the role? Please let me know!

Our Story, Our Message: Defining Your Personal Narrative & Framing Our Message

Thursday, March 31, 1 PM EDT/12 PM CDT/11 AM MDT/10 AM PDT Watch the recorded webinar training here. This interactive web-based training will be co-presented by PWN-USA SCAT members Asha Molock and Christina Carta, who have extensive experience using their personal stories to fight stigma and advocate for women living with HIV in multiple contexts, from mainstream media to blogs to political advocacy. Learn how to share your story strategically for maximum impact; how to tie your story to your ask; things to consider before sharing your story; what to expect; and more!

Using Values-Based Messaging to Move Your Campaign 

(cross-listed with Regional Organizing & Leadership Development workgroup and Policy workgroup) Watch the recorded webinar training here. Wednesday, May 25, 12:30 PM EDT/11:30 AM CDT/10:30 AM MDT/9:30 AM PDT Have you ever wondered why so many people seem so willing to believe things politicians or other public figures say that simply aren’t true, or why it’s so hard to win a debate with certain folks, even when all the facts are on your side? People believe in or discard messages based on what appeals to their core values. When you know how to identify those core values and appeal to as many of them as possible in your message, your audience is much more likely to hear and consider your message. In this interactive training, we will learn just how to do that, as well as how to make that message the public platform of your campaign. This webinar will be co-presented by PWN-USA Regional Organizing Director Waheedah Shabazz-El, PWN-USA Board Member and PWN-USA Philadelphia Senior Member Teresa Sullivan, and PWN-USA Communications Director Jennie Smith-Camejo.

Social Media for Advocacy: the 5 W’s and an H

Tuesday, July 12, 4 PM EDT/3 PM CDT/2 PM MDT/1 PM PDT Watch the recorded webinar here! What is social media? What are the different networks good for? What are best practices for using social media to communicate with your “base” or your network? How do you get more people to engage with your content? How can you bridge the gap from online presence to real, in-person action with results? How can social media move your advocacy efforts or campaign forward in meaningful ways? We will explore these questions and more with folks who do it really well–and get real results. This training is a perfect springboard for those who are new to the world of social media as well as exploring more in-depth uses and best practices for those with more experience or who want to integrate the reach of social media into their campaigns. This webinar training, open to all women living with HIV, will be co-presented by Shyronn Jones, PWN-USA Georgia Communications (SCAT) Rep; Barb Cardell, PWN-USA Board Chair and PWN-USA Colorado Co-Chair; and Jennie Smith-Camejo, PWN-USA Communications Director.

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Making Headlines: Media 101 for Advocates

Wednesday, August 31, 1 PM ET/12 PM CT/11 AM MT/10 AM PT Watch the recorded webinar here! “Earned media”–media coverage that you do not produce yourself and do not pay for–can be tricky to get, but can make or break your campaign or advocacy efforts. This crash-course will cover all the basics, from identifying the best reporters and media outlets to target, to crafting a media advisory and successfully pitching your story to reporters, to choosing a winning message and sticking to it no matter what, to ways of getting your story out even if media outlets don’t cover it. This webinar training, open to all women living with HIV, will be co-presented by New Orleans-based advocate Gina Brown; reporter Olivia Ford; and PWN-USA Communications Director Jennie Smith-Camejo. media webinar graphic These trainings are open to all women living with HIV and HIV advocates, so feel free to share with those in your network who may be interested in participating!