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20160323_092553July 6, 2016

by Monique Howell-Moree, PWN-USA South Carolina Member

When you look in the mirror what do you see? You see YOU!! You are beautiful and unique in your very own way.

We try to live our lives to please others, but when you look into that mirror all you see is YOU!! You matter! We all come in many shapes,  sizes,  color, gender, beliefs and that’s the beauty of it all–none of us are alike. If we all were alike, then life would be so boring, right?

Don’t try to fit in when you was made to stand out. Step out your comfort zone and show the world the amazing person that you truly are!!

We don’t give ourselves enough credit, or we fall prey to the negative energy society has already planted within our minds. If society says we are nobody, not strong and won’t prosper, then we tend to believe it within ourselves. However, nobody knows you better then you!! Never allow anyone to define who you are, because looking into that mirror, all you see is YOU!! You make TODAY count, you make life worth living!!! Walk with your head held high!

Life has ways to throw us curve balls, but catch those balls with the determination that you won’t quit, can’t quit…walk that situation out with a high step!

We can’t allow the world to dictate us and have us ashamed to come forth. Pull out that powerful self-esteem that’s within you and do something today that will inspire others to live for tomorrow.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of them all? YES–the beautiful you!