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20161106_102125January 26, 2017 by Monique Howell, PWN-USA South Carolina member, HIV criminalization survivor What is power, living in a world where people or the government dictate who, what, when and where we do things? Living with HIV and AIDS, do you know that you’re a warrior with power? As I sit in the PWN-USA South Carolina HIV Criminalization training, I learn that we are who we have been waiting for. We must become the expert and speak to our legislators and community to DEMAND change in the laws around HIV criminalization. These laws may have been made with good intentions, but today, in 2017, they have fallen off track. It’s time to reform these absurd, outdated laws so that those living with HIV and AIDS can feel safe and live a normal, healthy life. We can’t be silent, because silence is death! We as ambassadors can’t be afraid to speak up. Build campaigns, have trainings, be the change that we want to see happen. Many of us don’t know that we even have power within ourselves to move forward. If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. If you’re at the table, then grab hold of all the information that you need to make your decisions count!! PWN-USA South Carolina will move forward and never backwards. It’s never too late. Quitting is not a option, because we all have power! When  you realize how powerful your voice is, then you’ve got it. Many advocates have shared amazing, powerful quotes that mean a lot and very powerful…use them and make it work!