PWN-USA Sisterhood

PWN-USA Sisterhood 2016-08-18T10:32:00+00:00
August 18, 2016 by Angel Vick, PWN-USA member, North Carolina PWN-USA I was so blessed After surfing the net one day… Finding this special group of ladies Positive Women’s Network – USA Finally a group of sisters Who are positive just like me… Daily living their lives With either AIDS or HIV… A sisterhood from all over the United States Not being stereotyped or judged… Looking out for one another Spreading nothing but love… Giving each other support no matter their color or race… You’ll see us all together All over the place… You see, living with this disease Is constantly misunderstood… People are so quick to judge you But no!!! not this sisterhood… As we all stand together Embracing and holding hands… Thanking God for bringing us together This is His master plan. WRITTEN BY ANGEL VICK 1-17-2016