You, WE Matter!

You, WE Matter! 2016-09-21T09:06:49+00:00

20160323_092553September 21, 2016

by Monique Howell-Moree, PWN-USA South Carolina member

I write this blog with sadness because unfortunately, I will not be able to attend Speak Up this year with all you beautiful ladies!! I wanted to still share a short blog to let all of you strong-minded, warm-hearted, intelligent ladies full of energy and life know that YOU matter! At Speak Up in Fort Walton Beach, FL, go to the Summit with expectation in your hearts. Go there full of life and ready to conquer whatever has been holding you back!!

Some have been to many summits; for others, this maybe your first one; but know that you matter. Your beautiful face being in the room with 250 other amazing ladies says that you matter. We who live with HIV/AIDS deserve to speak up, allow our voices to be heard to bring about the changes that are critical to our lives!! There is strength in numbers. Each year you may not see your sister you saw last month or last year, but with YOU being at the Summit, you matter and allow the power that’s within you to be utilized so that around this world, in our hometowns and communities, we can start new dialogues with the information you received at the Summit and help bring real change!!

With the election coming up and so many different issues happening in our country, this week, push, strive, make movement happen–because you matter!! You may not be an outspoken person, and that’s OK, but love on your sisters who are there with you–that alone can brighten up someone’s week while they are attending the Summit.

Ladies, you ROCK!! I already know you will have a exciting week! Every time I go, I have a BLAST! So many strong, dedicated women in our country sharing the same space for the same cause!! Keep standing, keep pushing and never never stop!!! Enjoy your week!!