#SupportPWN – Dominique Banks

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  Dominique Banks meme 3 I was diagnosed HIV positive on August 5, 2008 in Jackson, TN, while already admitted into the hospital. I was about to enter my senior year in college. I had no one to talk to nor visit me. I felt depressed and angry. The next month, my partner was diagnosed. I had just returned to college while raising my son. Shortly after, I lost my apartment and my pride. I had trouble with trusting people and having relationships. It took several years for me to be in a relationship again. In September 2014, I went to PWN-USA’s first national summit for women living with HIV–the Speak Up! Summit–where I met over 200 amazing women. I was empowered and encouraged to be educated about what is going on in the HIV community and gain support from PWN-USA. Before leaving the summit, I signed up as a member of PWN-USA. I love PWN-USA because they give me the support and love I need the continue going through life and being an advocate. I plan to create a regional chapter in the next year or two here in Memphis so all women with HIV in my community can have the training and support I receive right here at their hometown. I’m determined to fight on for my state of Tennessee. PWN-USA is planning its second national summit for 2016 for women living with HIV to help train and empower the next cadre of leaders to effect change–like they did for me. PWN-USA, which has grown from a collaborative idea among 28 diverse women living with HIV in 2008 to a national membership organization of over 3,000 women living with HIV and 9 regional chapters, is also continuously helping women like me organize new regional chapters to strengthen our collective voice in our communities and fight to uphold our rights on the state and local levels. But we can’t do it without your support. Can you help?  No donation is too large or too small, but every donation will move us closer to our goal, and will move hundreds of women living with HIV closer to the 2016 summit–and true empowerment. Please donate $10–or as much as you can afford–today and help other women living with HIV like me find their voice and become leaders.